Contract Cheating

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Contract Cheating

Contract cheating is a form of academic dishonesty in which students get others to complete their coursework for them by putting it out to tender. That is - you purchase assignments online or in person and submit them as your own original work. Nowadays, there are many online contract cheating websites that promise to deliver high quality, original assignments to students who are time poor - in reality, if you buy your assignments from these people and submit part or all of the purchased assignment, you are contract cheating!

Contract Cheating may occur when a student:
- submits an assignment or part of an assignment that they have purchased from a website. These websites make it seem so easy or sometimes make out that it's a totally "authorised" editing service - if it seems too easy, then it probably is!
- submits part or all of an assignment that another student or non-student has been paid (whether payment is in cash or in kind) to write.

What are the consequences of Contract Cheating?
- If you're caught contract cheating you may be excluded from La Trobe University.
- Your cheating will be permanently recorded on your academic transcript which can prevent you from being accepted by other universities.
- If you're excluded from La Trobe and you're an international student, your visa may be cancelled.
- You may forever be without the skills and knowledge required to complete a particular unit of work - this could prove highly detrimental in your future career!

But my assignment passed Turn-it-In!? How can anyone tell if I purchased it?
Newsflash! Turn-it-In isn't the only check point for academic integrity when it comes to your work. Your assessment will still be marked and assessed by an academic against your previous assessments and can also be checked against online sites to see if it's been purchased.

Are you running out of time to get your assessments completed? Cheating isn't your only option!
You can:
- Contact your subject coordinator for an extension or other assistance
- Use the Achieve @ Uni resources online
- Visit a Peer Learning Advisor in the Library for help