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What is Academic Progress?

If you’ve failed too many subjects or failed the same subject twice, you could be asked to explain your poor academic performance. This can be a confronting and difficult process but our Advocates can help you write letters to the University and attend meetings with you to ensure the best possible outcome. It can dramatically increase your chances of success and take much of the stress out of the whole procedure.

Have you been called to an Unsatisfactory Progress Meeting?

  • WHAT SHOULD YOU DO? Get expert, independent advice from the La Trobe Student Union Advocacy Service, as soon as possible. A decision made at a UPC meeting may have serious consequences.
  • CAN I IGNORE THE REQUEST TO ATTEND THE MEETING? Yes, but if you do not attend the meeting the committee will decide your future without you.
  • CAN I WRITE A LETTER INSTEAD OF ATTENDING THE MEETING? Yes, but the meeting is for your benefit and it is better to attend. At the meeting, you will have a chance to tell the Committee why you failed and explain how you plan to improve. 
  • SHOULD I TAKE SOMEONE (A FRIEND OR A SUPPORT PERSON) TO THE MEETING? Yes. Taking a support person is strongly advised. You may take a friend, a relative, or someone from the Student Union. A friend or relative can provide support but a Student Union adviser can provide you with accurate advice and also support you if the committee decides to restrict your enrolment or terminate your enrolment. 
  • CAN I APPEAL A DECISION MADE BY THE UNSATISFACTORY PROGRESS COMMITTEE WHICH NEGATIVELY AFFECTS MY ENROLMENT OR PERSONAL INTERESTS? There are appeal provisions if certain grounds are met by the student. For further information about appeals seek advice from an Advocacy Service.
  • I'M A BENDIGO OR WODONGA STUDENT - IS THERE SUPPORT FOR ME AT UPC? Yes! Contact the relevant advocacy service on your campus via: 

La Trobe University provides a number of resources around Academic Progress




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