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ACYA LTU is a La Trobe Student Faculty Society with three key practical purposes:

  1. To act as a platform for local and international students to collaborate and improve their language skills through both informal conversation and also more rigorous academic discussion. This will also involve the organisation of cultural and academic events.

  2. To provide information about career / study opportunities related to China and in particular related to deepening Australia-China relations.

  3. To collaborate with academics from the school of China Studies / Asian Studies as well as with the Confucius Centre at La Trobe University.

We are aiming to strenghthen the relationship between Australian and Chinese youth. ACYA La Trobe is part of an international network of ACYA Student Groups which operate throughout both Australia and China. In Victoria we have 5 chapters at La Trobe, Melbourne University, RMIT, Deakin university and Monash University with 1500 members and growing.

In an effort to actively bring young people together to share and learn from each other, the Australia-China Youth Association was formed based on three pillars: Careers, Education and People-to-People Exchange.

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