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Advent Health supports students to achieve beyond excellence through their university years. We believe in holistic success in life including academic, physical, social, and spiritual. We aim to achieve this through practical applications of what we learn from Bible principles. Some of the example club activities we plan to run are:

*Optimise Your Brain: 3-week seminar on Achieving Mental and Emotional Wellness; helps you think clearly and enhance your relationships, help to overcome anger, anxiety, and depression.

*Lost Art of Thinking: 6-week challenge on how to improve emotional intelligence and achieve peak mental performance. Students will be astounded at the academic and personal growth they achieve

*Wellness Summit: an overnight getaway to a quiet country location to practice wellness secrets and recharge. It involves cooking classes, nature walks, health talks, natural therapy demonstrations.

*Pay It Forward: students get an opportunity to participate in community based projects to teach them the secrets of altruism in working with Adventist Development and Relief Agency (ADRA), a non-profit organisation.

*Bible Study Class: this Bible study class is unique in that it promotes abstract thinking for students to help boost their IQ and academic performance at uni. We will focus mainly on Bible prophecies in the books of Daniel and Revelation, which are practical and relevant to our lifetime.

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