Annual General Meeting (AGM)

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Annual General Meeting (AGM)

In this AGM we will elect executive members and discuss important issues such as the society's goals for the rest of the year and for future events.

We encourage students who are studying GSD as a major or minor to think about the executive roles on offer and to attend the AGM and nominate themselves.

Executive Team Roles and Responsibilities:**

(a) president (e.g.; leads the group, makes key decisions, sets the vision for the year, delegates responsibilities, admin manager of the online page)

(b) vice president (e.g.; supports the president in their activities, acting president in the absence of president, delegates responsibilities, admin manager of the online page

(c) secretary (e.g.; records and keeps club meeting minutes, responsible for arranging/advertising/ communicating about meetings, general assistance to President and VP including helping to plan and run events); and

(d) treasurer (e.g.; keeps track of club finance- spending, budgets etc., applies for grants, general assistance to the President and VP including helping to plan and run events.

The Executive Team members will need to:

  • Demonstrate strong communication skills and be willing to work independently on tasks as well as collaboratively with others
  • Attend occasional meetings online to discuss club matters and to plan for events
  • Report back to the group with their findings/info, and
  • Keep all of their work up to date on the GSD Google Docs page.

Although some roles have more leadership and responsibilities, we want to work collectively on the development of the GSD Society and make it a strong community space.

For more information please email Scarlet and Remmy at:

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