Changing of the Guard

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Gabbriel Suckling

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Changing of the Guard

2020 - The regrettable year that was - is coming to an end, and with it, some of our amazing leadership team are stepping down. Some because they are graduating, some because they are no longer studying at LTU and some because they feel it is time to step down and let someone take the reins. We've been a very quiet club this year, it's true... However, the bulk of our gatherings have been training sessions (very hard and frustrating through Zoom, especially when corrections would need to be made, by physically moving the person into the correct position. We will be resuming our training sessions as of March 2021 (YAAAAAAAAAAAY! I know, right?!?!) and also we are having our AGM during our first week back at Uni (aiming for O-Week 2021). At the AGM, we really do need our student members to step up and demonstrate their leadership and teamwork skills, so that those stepping down can do so, with confidence, knowing that our club - as niche as it is - can continue smoothly without them.

Kyudo has proven to be highly beneficial for those who suffer from anxiety, issues with concentration and hand/eye co-ordination or just as a tool for meditation. I look forward to continuing to share my knowledge and experience within the LTU Kyudo Community, however, even I need to step down. Having run the club since it began in 2017, I am glad to get the momentum going, but I would really like to be able to step back and let someone else steer.