Rabelais Rate Sheet 2020

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Since its inception in 1967, Rabelais has been the only publication at La Trobe University to be created by and for students. The publication is not for profit, and is distributed for free and circulated throughout La Trobe University’s 6 campuses, reaching over 36,000 students across Victoria, which include domestic, international, graduate, and undergraduate students, as well as university staff members. With 20 distribution points across the Melbourne-Bundoora campus alone, Rabelais offers quality content and direct contact for your brand. This vibrant publication led by students promotes audience driven content that is relevant and exciting to a wide student and staff population with diverse views and backgrounds.

In addition to producing a minimum of 6 printed editions throughout the year (1000 copies per edition; 6 editions), Rabelais also maintains an active web presence and provides its audience with an online magazine version, greatly increasing readership.

Key Statistics:
• Direct access to a student population of approximately 36,000 students across Victoria, ranging from undergraduate, postgraduate, international and domestic students.
• Average readership is between 18 and 25 years old, allowing advertisements to target an audience of young and active consumers.
• Rabelais is the only Victorian student publication that has a reach across all of Victoria, serving campuses in Bendigo, Shepparton, Albury-Wodonga, Mildura, Melbourne (Bundoora), and the CBD. This will give advertisers a large youth market across the city, suburbs and regional areas of Victoria.
• The magazine is also published in an online digital format via the LTSU Website and Facebook page.
• Northland Shopping Centre is only 2km away from the main Bundoora campus, allowing for the 22,000 students on campus to have easy access to many recognizable brands and franchises in the area.
• We offer several marketing packages, which allow advertisements on our LTSU website and e-bulletin, which has over 15,000 unique subscribers.

Advertising Specifications
All artwork must be in a PDF format and Hi-Res (300dpi or higher). All advertisements will be printed in colour, and all colour advertisements must be printed in CMYK format. Please note that our magazine publication is 170 x 245 mm.

We offer a range of advertising options including back cover, inside front cover, inside back cover and pages throughout the edition. We also offer online advertising banners on our website that, in 2019, has averaged 690 unique visitors per month. We have a static banner on the homepage as well as at the top of each article.

Advertising Rates:
Back Cover – $500
Inside Front Cover - $500
Inside Back Cover – $500
Full Page (throughout magazine) – $500*
Half Page – $250 Quarter Page – $125
Online banner – negotiable time and price GST included in all prices.

*If you wish to purchase the back cover or one of the inside-covers and they are unavailable, we can offer a full page throughout the magazine at a discounted price.

Please contact for bookings:
LTSU Operations Supervisor, La Trobe Student Union
P: (03) 9479 2613 E: ltsu.ops@latrobe.edu.au

For artwork enquiries, please contact:
Rabelais Editors: ltsu_rabelais@latrobe.edu.auIntroducing Rabelais: the official magazine of the La Trobe Student Union.
Terms and Conditions:

Rabelais reserves the right to exclude or request amendments to any advertisement that does not satisfy our specifications and policies above.

Advertising placement will be entirely at the discretion of the editors, who will endeavour to uphold all specific placement requests in accordance to standard placement priorities. Rabelais assumes no responsibility for typographical errors, omissions or other mistakes beyond our control.

The LTSU reserves the right not to publish any content that may contravene the LTSU Constitution. All cancellations must be in writing and will be charged 50% of the advertisement rate if received after the artwork deadline.