Your Education, Your Voice.

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We believe in contributing powerfully to the La Trobe University student experience. The LTSU harnesses many aspects of your university career, including: 
  • Student Leadership & Development opportunities as part of our Student Union Council
  • A support service, with staff providing students with independent advice and guidance through Advocacy for Undergraduate and Postgraduate students, Financial Counselling and Legal advice. 
  • Events that connect you with your new tribe. 
  • An ever expanding Clubs & Societies program.
  • Opportunities for creative expression through Student Theatre & Film.
  • Student Lounges including safe spaces for Women and LGBTIQ students.

The La Trobe Student Union is many things, and often we are not always aware of how far spread the union goes in securing the success of students and elevating the student experience. Tell us about your Student Union. Tell us your story. Tell us why La Trobe Student Union and student associations like it should be preserved for the generations to come.  Your stories will be distributed and used in a campaign to ensure the students of tomorrow receive the same opportunities, support and connection. 

This can remain anonymous if you wish. 

Did you join a club? Were you supported through Advocacy? Did you sit on the student council? Get involved with Student Theatre and Film? Hit up a mega party? Make a friend? Volunteer? 

Tell us about an experience you remember? What were you seeking when you encountered the LTSU? What have you gained? 

This can be a photo of you at an event, a club, or excelling in your La Trobe university career! 

In April 2020, La Trobe University informed La Trobe Student Union that they would be cutting their funding by 50%, due to the Coronavirus crisis. This cut is extreme and impacts student voices, representation, support services and engagement.