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La Trobe Student Union has had an integral role in the development of La Trobe University and your education. Since its establishment in 2011, the LTSU has built a student led organisation that puts students to the front. Student representation were major players in bringing students:

Recorded lectures - University divestment from coal - Securing the Queer Lounge, Women’s Lounge, International +
Mature Age student spaces on campus - Emergency housing - Scholarship opportunities - 24 hour library - Glider Bus -
Be a Better Human Campaign - Review and Remark - Chill Out Trolley

What else?


The LTSU runs a free and independent Advocacy team, who support students who are having trouble related to academic, administrative or welfare issues. To date, the LTSU Advocacy Service has helped over 5000 students in continuing and excelling in their studies.

Advocacy has provided meaningful feedback to the University about how their policies and procedures affect students and contributed to structural changes at the university because of their student insight.

Students access our free Legal and Financial Counselling service, meeting with staff who equip and advocate on behalf of students

Student Welfare is of the upmost importance, LTSU provides weekly food services that ensure students get what they need.

We’ve established a clubs program that has funded up to 96 clubs every year, creating communities and lifelong friendships.

La Trobe Student Theatre and Film have been performing since La Trobe University first opened its doors in 1967. They’ve produced 750 productions with about 2800 performances and countless students equipped for creative industries beyond their university education.

We have kept the good time’s rolling, holding events that keep campus life bright, engaging and impactful. Agora festivals, live music, bar nights and parties, all bought to students by the LTSU.

Over the years, La Trobe has been a renowned for its student activism, helping fight for the rights of students and the wider community.

What's the problem?

In April 2020, La Trobe University informed La Trobe Student Union that they would be cutting their funding by 50%, due to the Coronavirus crisis. This cut is extreme and impacts student voices, representation, support services and engagement.

For years, La Trobe Student Union has re-established many of the student services that had been ripped away under VSU. Let’s continue that work. Let’s not provide less for the future students of La Trobe.

This campaign aims to communicate the University's decision to cut funding as widely as possible. It aims to highlight the importance of our student union and associations, demonstrating the amazing work that our students, staff and clubs, STF, + volunteers undertake. To ensure that LTSU and its associated organisations are able to effectively survive through to amalgamation.

It’s your education. It’s your voice. Stand with us as we remind La Trobe that student representation matters.

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