Financial Capability Skills

What is Financial Literacy and Capability ?

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What is financial capability?

Financial capability describes an individual's understanding and knowledge of how to manage their own finances. This skill is something that can be learned and practised - it's also something that our Financial Counsellor can help you with! 

What does Scott Pape, the "Barefoot Investor" say in his video?

Free financial counselling group workshops

LTSU delivers occasional free group workshops to students to build their financial literacy. These workshops are free to all La Trobe students and cover such areas as student budgeting, saving and superannuation. Check out the events page for information on any upcoming workshops!

Free video resources for students on topics such as:

  • manage on a student income and start saving for your money goals
  • know the costs of buying and running a car
  • deal with moving out of home and finding a rental
  • understand the ins and outs of pay, tax and super
  • know what to look for when shopping online or using buy now pay later
  • manage and pay off your HELP loan

Please find the above topics on the Money Smart site here! 


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