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STF gives students the opportunity to direct, write, perform, crew and compose for stage and screen.

We provide support to students who may wish to mount their own theatre or film projects and can offer the use of rehearsal space, performance venues, lighting and film making equipment, as well as general advice and support about performing arts on campus. Student Theatre and Film is a great way to gain skills, knowledge, and experience and connect with those who share your passion for theatre and film. Regional Students - we haven't forgotten about you as there are great opportunities for you to also be involved in film making, photography and script writing.

Get Involved!

You don’t need any experience, just enthusiasm and a desire for fun! There are many ways to become involved, whether your interest is in theatre, film, or music. There are many opportunities for actors, directors, musicians, stage managers, costume and set designers, producers, writers, reviewers, photographers, front of house volunteers, and the list goes on. The best ways to get involved are:

  • Sign up to Student Theatre & Film 2020 here.
  • ​Join Student Theatre by signing up to our fortnightly newsletter, The Player.
  • Find STF on Facebook.
  • ​Follow STF on Instagram.
  • Visit the STF office at Level 3, Union Building, above the Eagle Bar.

What's On Now 

Due to COVID-19 and changes to our staffing, we've changed our normal programming for 2020. In semester two, we'll be running a filmed live performance of student-written, student-directed Short Works season, as well as creating an online comedy show - Revue Spectacular (more information is below). We're also continuing our weekly play reading sessions - every Wednesday at 11am (to join, jump over to the Facebook Group). 

In April 2020, La Trobe Student Union was given a 50% funding cut from La Trobe University. In response to this decision, members of the STF community started a campaign called 'Because of Student Theatre'. You can read more about our campaign here.


Moat Festival

4 - 22 March, with a special Launch event on Friday 28 February 2020.

The Moat Festival is an annual showcase of some exceptional emerging talent at La Trobe University. The festival was launched in 1984 by then Vice-Chancellor J.F. Scott as an initiative to bring the University and the public together to participate in the performing arts. He viewed this first Moat Festival as an experiment to remove the intellectual barriers of higher education, a way to add a little to the life of the University.

Moat Festival is the longest continuously running student theatre festival in Australia. 2020 marks the 36th Moat Festival! Read more about Moat Fest 2020 here.


Re-Moat Festival

18 - 22 May 2020.
As the world stays home, STF moves online! Re-Moat Fest 2020 is a completely virtual arts festival. Read more about Re-Moat Fest 2020 here.

Short Works

Filmed live performance to be released in December.
A collection of short student written plays, produced and presented by students. This year's Short Works will be a little different due to, surprise, suprise COVID-19. Read more about Short Works 2020 here.

LTU Revue 2020: All Kinds of Chaos

Premiering on November 6.
We're putting on a show - and not just any show - a rollicking, hearty extravaganza that celebrates just how brilliant Student Theatre is! With the help of past and present STF members, we're taking a light-hearted look at the ups, downs, and upside downs of 2020 - think University Revue meets Variety Show meets AFL Legends Match! (meets bombastic allusion?). Missed the premiere? Don't worry, you can still catch it online.

La Mama North Fringe 2020 

Sunday 22 November, 12pm
This year, student theatre will be offering three creative commissions as part of the Geoffrey Milne Commissions, of up to $500 per artist. Each commission will go towards making a short piece of online theatre, to be presented at this year's Melbourne Fringe Festival as part of La Mama North, a partnership between La Mama Theatre and La Trobe University. Read more about this project here.

Other Projects

Have a project, event, or idea that you would like to pursue outside of our 2020 program? Get in touch with us to discuss further.