LTU Revue 2020

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LTU Revue 2020: All Kinds of Chaos

Premiering online on November 6, 7:30pm.

Is 2020 getting you down? Don't worry, us too. But hey, that's not stopping us from putting on a show. I'm not just talking about any other show, I'm talking about the best show you'll ever watch in this blessed year - the LTU Revue 2020: All Kinds of Chaos!

Imagine a quarter pounder, but instead of meat, it's everything that happened this year, and instead of buns, it's the amazing wonders of comedy. So, invite your parents, ask your siblings, seek your friends, call your enemies, summon your UberEATS delivery person, I'm running out of synonyms for invite. It might be the end of the world, but it's never too late to watch an extravagant online performance. 

All Kinds of Chaos** premiered on Youtube at 7:30pm on Friday 6 Nov! Missed the premiere? Don't worry, we've uploaded the full show on YouTube for you to enjoy at any time.

*UberEATS is not affiliated with this show in anyway. 
**Please don't sue us LTU, this is satire and we don't have enough funding for a legal battle.