Re-Moat Fest 2020

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Re-Moat Festival 2020

As the world stays home, STF moves online! Our newest initiative is RE-MOAT FEST - a completely virtual arts festival running from 18 - 22 May. 

Interviews with Famous People
Wednesday 20 May, 8PM on Zoom 
Pairs of actors recreate a series of real interviews with an eclectic selection of great figures of the 20th Century. Without relying on mimicry or impersonation and without ever naming the person being interviewed the result is a blurring of the distinction between the lives and thoughts of the famous and the ordinary. Devised by Bob Pavlich and directed by Bob Pavlich and Lucy Rees, Interviews with Famous People was first performed at La Mama Theatre in 2006. The play was presented on Zoom on Wed 20 May to a live online audience.

The Shortest, Bestest Play Competition 
Thursday 21 May, 5:30PM on Zoom
We're looking for the best play ever written. No, wait the shortest play ever written. No...that's not right. We're looking for the shortest, bestest play ever written and we're looking for you to write, act, and vote on 'em! Welcome to STF's Shortest, Bestest Play Competition. The Comp ran on Zoom on Thurs 21 May with seven different scripts! 

Lost in Isolation
'Lost in isolation'
'Frost in the nation?'
'Nah, parliament station!'

Lost in Isolation is an online game of whispers! One participant records a story and sends it to the next, who can only watch the video once before recording their own version for the next person, and so on. At the end of the week, participants come together to watch where they all went wrong...

Project led by Jess Kearns (also creater of the final video)! Thanks Jess!