Dumbledores Army La Trobe Division

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La Trobe's resident Harry Potter Fan Club

Are you a Harry Potter fan?

Whether you have only read the books or seen the movies to fantasising about getting your own wand; or if you just have an uncontrollable urge to talk about Harry Potter all the time (or all of the above).... You have come to the right place!

Dumbledore’s Army: La Trobe Division is the Harry Potter fan club on campus for all past and present LTU students/alumni and faculty members.

Running events both off and on campus, there will be multiple chances for you to meet new people; discuss Harry Potter to your heart’s content; and join our magical community in celebrating all things HP.

To get involved either:
Sign up through the LTSU club page, https://www.latrobesu.org.au/Clubs/DA
Like our Facebook page, https://m.facebook.com/LTUDumbledoresArmy
Email us at ltudumbledoresarmy@gmail.com
Or sign up at Clubs and Societies Festival during O Week