Queensland Intervarsity Choral Festival - June / July 2020

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Queensland Intervarsity Choral Festival - June/July 2020

LaTUCS has many sibling university choirs around the country, and we all belong to an association called AICSA (Australian Intervarsity Choral Societies Association)

Each year we gather for a major choral festival, culminating in a combined concert. This movement has been around for over 70 years!

These festivals are major highlights of our choral year, and while not all of us can go every year, we do everything we can to encourage our members to participate

In 2018, LaTUCS co-hosted the 69th Intervarsity Choral Festival in Melbourne, along with our sibling choirs from RMIT (ROCS) and Monash (MonUCS).

This year's festival is in southeast Queensland during the mid-year semester break - a 4-5 day camp on the Gold Coast (beach!!) followed by another 4-5 days back in Brisbane.

For more details, check out the QIV website