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Updated Club Forms

Hey everyone!

As you now may be already aware, we have an active social media presence - with the blessing of the Australian Kyudo Association; not just on FaceBook - which you would already know about, but NOW we are on Instagram!!! As such, based on the photos we share online, it has become exceedingly clear to ensure that we have our members' consent to share images of us having a great time, be it at training - learning new skills, or polishing some established ones - social events like a combined night out with members from the other Kyudo Club in Melbourne, under the state banner, or just club events like our planned road trip to Ocean Grove on Easter Saturday! Obviously, without formal consent, the images would not go online - it would be considered a huge breach of your privacy, and that is taken very seriously.

One other point we really need to hammer home guys, is when planning an event that is catered, we need to know about the essential things: Allergies and intolerances.. When joining the Kyudo Club, you be asked to complete these new forms - especially the medical one! Not only will it help us to ensure that we don't push your body too hard, and risk any possible (or further) unforeseen injury, it will also help us to help you, in the extremely unlikely event that we do need to call for an ambulance - because without this information, we inadvertently poison you with an allergen we don't know you have. Or who to contact, in the likelihood of accident, injury or something else going wrong.

We do have at least 2 qualified First Aiders on hand, whenever there is a gathering, be it training or social, and aside from the President/Events Officer (myself) they will be the only other people who would ever need this information.

We do take the health, well-being and safety of our members very seriously. Please help us to help you guys.

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