La Trobe University Islamic Society LTUIS

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Our objectives are to serve and facilitate the religious, social and academic needs of Muslim students, both local and international, and staff, as well as to teach and present Islam to both Muslims and non Muslims on campus.

We are in charge of the female and male Muslim prayer rooms on campus which is located in the HU-ED building, level 2. Here is where Muslim students and staff can perform their daily prayers, study and socialise. We also provide students with food and drink, as well as Islamic educational materials.

We hold various enjoyable events throughout the semester which include welcome back barbecues, a sisters only event, dawah campaigns and we also organise an annual Islamic Awareness week with the purpose of helping people in the wider community to understand Islam better. The week consists of different events such as barbecues, bake-sales, lectures and it is open to everyone, Muslim and non-Muslim alike. Furthermore, during the month of Ramadan we provide food for the Muslims on campus who are fasting and this usually takes place every night from Monday - Friday in the prayer room. We also have our annual Grand Iftar where university alumni, community leaders, students and their families join us to break fast in a joyful setting.

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