Seven Women

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Seven Women supports disabled, marginalised women in Nepal by raising awareness and selling fair trade, handmade products, to return 100% of the funds to Nepal.


Seven Women La Trobe won the LTSU Clubs and Societies Award in 2013.

Seven Women La Trobe is a volunteer group that runs a fair trade stall every Monday in the Agora. We are one component of the Seven Women not-for-profit organisation, a grass-roots project empowering women in Nepal through education and income generation.

Seven Women is named for the original women who inspired the organisation. Once struggling to survive in a small tin shed, the women now run the skills centre in Kathmandu where other women learn handicraft and literacy skills. The organisation has helped empower over 500 women since 2009, and the La Trobe stall is an important part of their success.

We sell the handicrafts made by the women, as well as other products from Nepalese women's cooperatives. Everything we sell is fair trade.

You can get involved with Seven Women by joining our lovely, welcoming volunteer group or by visiting our stall and supporting fair trade.

If you have a couple of hours to spare on Mondays and you would like to volunteer please contact us! You can reach us through the Facebook page, email, or by approaching us at the stall.

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