(especially of a young person) spend one's time aimlessly loitering or loafing around.
"i'm just lepaking at home, doing nothing"
Why lepak at home alone, come join us!


Previously known as La Trobe Singapore Students’ Society (SingSoc), we are now called Lepak! As Singaporeans would know, Lepak is a Singlish term often used among friends to hang out and 'lepak' together. We aim to create a home-away-from-home environment for our Singaporean members, to render support and have fun together. We are also a platform for which our non-Singaporean members will interact with our Singaporean members and encourage multicultural friendships.

To date, Lepak (Singsoc) has organised a multitude of events and outings, like the Dumpling Festival (we made our own rice dumplings), National Day Celebration, Hari Raya dinner. Socialising is also an integral part of SingSoc; we organised a paintball session, and a trip to the Royal Melbourne Show. Besides planning events for our members, SingSoc collaborates with many Singapore Student Associations in Victorian Universities, and takes part in events like the Durian Festival and Mid-Autumn Festival.

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