Students for Sensible Drug Policy SSDP

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SSDP is an international grassroots network of students concerned about the impact drug policy has on communities our generation and our society


For over 15 years Students for Sensible Drug Policy have been advocating for the implementation of evidence based drug policy and the repeal of legislation and regulations which target students and youth who use drugs. Within the USA and across the world, SSDP chapters have provided a platform for students to come forward and take a leading role in representing alternative drug policies and youth perspectives. SSDP chapters have helped implement reforms such as Colorado cannabis legalisation and Irelands drug decriminalisation policies. Here in Australia there is now an ongoing discussion happening, with many policy reform measures such as Medical Cannabis quickly gaining broad support. The use of recreational drugs in particular is a youth issue as it is teenagers and young adults that use recreational drugs in the highest numbers. SSDP Australia exists to co-ordinate the communication and activities of individual SSDP chapters and partner with other Drug Law Reform and Harm Reduction organisations to push for reform. Through involvement with SSDP students can look forward to being involved in an international network of peers calling for justice and common sense. The opportunity to direct their chapters focus will allow students to focus on the issues of most concern to them.

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