Education Public Affairs Officer

Lani Dumas & Ramy Aljalil

Lani Dumas

Kia Ora! I’m proud to represent LaTrobe students as your EdPub Officer. I’m ready to ensure students receive a fair and quality education during their studies throughout 2022. Education has empowered me to achieve my dreams, in the words of Paolo Freire “Education is Freedom”. That’s why student representation matters and why I want to focus on representation and consultancy in the Post COVID-19 Era, ensuring transparency, accountability, and quality education is upheld for all of LaTrobe University.

Ramy Aljalil

Hey, everyone! I am extremely excited and proud to be your Education Public Affairs Officer at the LTSU with CHANGE. If the past two years have taught us anything, it is that the need for student representation is more important than ever. That is why I will work to ensure that throughout 2022 that students' voices are heard in relation to all the variety of issues that may come their way. Key areas that I look forward to working on include upholding transparency, providing clear communication on the issues that matter to students, and not only protecting but also advancing the opportunities that are available to students at La Trobe.