Ramadan Iftar Feast

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Outside the La Trobe Prayer Rooms (near Ed2 Building)

Ramadan Iftar Feast

Salam Everyone!
The LTSU's Ethnocultural Officers and PostGrad Officer have arranged an Iftar feast for all to attend in this blessed month of Ramadan.
From 5.10pm, Wednesday 23 May
Outside the La Trobe Prayer Rooms (near Ed2 Building)

What is Iftar?
Fast is observed during the holy month of Ramadan by Muslims.
The Iftar is the meal served at the end of the day during Ramadan, to break the day's fast. Literally, it means "breakfast." Iftar is served at sunset during each day of Ramadan, as Muslims break the daily fast. Join the LTSU Ethnocultural Office and Post Grad Officer for a special Iftar Feast.

Please RSVP online so catering can be arranged.