La Trobe Student Union update regarding 2020 funding

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La Trobe Student Union update regarding 2020 funding

The LTSU has students’ best interest at heart, so we would like to update you on what’s happening at the organisation from a business perspective.

La Trobe University has formally contacted La Trobe Student Union to notify us that their funding allocation to the LTSU will be reduced by 50% for 2020. The University have stated this is due to external factors, predominantly the effect of COVID-19. Staff and students are working extremely hard devising a plan for the best way forward. We are grateful for all student support while we work through the potential effects these cuts may have on the organisation and how they may shape the future of LTSU.

As always, we are committed to continuing to deliver our strongest student voice, making sure that your issues and feedback is passed through the right channels and being heard. Student Welfare is a top priority, as seen in our financial support programs for students in need and students in crisis.

You can continue to contact LTSU Reception on 03 9479 2314 or

Reach out to the Advocacy Service on 03 9479 6503 or .

Book your Financial Counselling appointment on 03 9479 2314 or .

Get in touch with our Legal Service on 03 9479 2314 or .

Look after your mental wellbeing, the La Trobe University have a free Counselling service for students and staff.

We believe in contributing powerfully to the La Trobe University student experience. That’s our vision, and it hasn’t changed.

Annabelle Romano

2020 LTSU President