Get Involved: Hands Off Our V-Grade!

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Get Involved: Hands Off Our V-Grade!

2 July
By LTSU Student Council

Get Involved: Hands Off Our V-Grade!
John Dewar (Vice-Chancellor) can't even be bothered to respond to students concerns about his decision to remove the V-Grade.

La Trobe won't even meet to discuss it until the 28th of July. Weeks after the semester has started.

The University aren't even trying to hide their contempt for students.
It is wrong and it has to stop. Students don't go to university to fund John Dewar's million-dollar salary. We deserve a real say in the decisions that are made about our education.

If La Trobe University refuse to reinstate the V-Grade - they are clearly showing students that they care more about their higher education ranking than student's welfare.

The Deputy Vice Chancellor said “the V-grade was introduced during the early stages of the pandemic, in recognition of the distress and uncertainty experienced by many students”.

But the pandemic isn’t over.

Melbourne is expected to enter lockdown just as the semester begins. This will negatively impact thousands of students. Why is the University refusing to reinstate the V-Grade?

Students need support.

Students deserve better.

Send John an email and let him know how you feel about his decision to scrap the V-Grade and his refusal to take five minutes out of his week to respond to students himself.

Send email to the VC
Click the link above or send an email directly to

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