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Patricia Balasundram


12 August

LTSU Provides Financial Relief during lock-down
By Skye Griffiths

Last week the LTSU announced that we'd be supporting students impacted by the lock-down and financial hardship - by providing free COLES Groceries Vouchers.

The response we got to the form we sent out was staggering. So many stories of students struggling and barely getting by, people who had lost work in the lock-down and didn't know how they were going to afford dinner this week.

We couldn't let students who so clearly needed help, miss out, so we massively increased the number of vouchers we were planning to hand out.

Today we were thrilled to sit on a Zoom together and send out 300 $50
vouchers, that is $15,000 put right into the pockets of struggling
students. The LTSU knows times have been tough, and we hope to offer
similar support programs in the future.

Despite not receiving funding to operate at regional campuses, approximately 20% of our grocery vouchers were given to those located in regional and remote areas. We will always help any La Trobe Student, no matter what campus they go to.

The link to access the voucher was sent to the student email of individuals who applied. A handful of applicants were not registered as La Trobe students. If you applied and haven't received a link to your voucher via student email, please get in touch with us directly to confirm your student email and we will forward your unique access link.

We don't have a lot of funding and right now the future is uncertain, but so long as we are here, we'll always do everything we can to help the students of La Trobe. Rest assured with the LTSU, your SSAF is going directly to supporting students.

So, if you need help, no matter what it is, don't hesitate to reach out to the LTSU - and we will do what we can.

Stay well, stay safe
Your LTSU Student Council

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