LTSU - LTSU Wins Parking Permit Refunds!

LTSU Wins Parking Permit Refunds!

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Patricia Balasundram


7 September

The LTSU is thrilled to announce, that after a week of campaigning, La Trobe University have agreed to our proposal for Parking Permit Refunds.

Students will be entitled to:

• 100% Refund for Semester 2 Parking Permits

• 50% Refund for Annual Parking Permits

• Free on-site parking until the end of the year.

The refunds will be automatically applied and should take about three weeks to come through. For students struggling in the pandemic, this is a massive win. Now this money can go towards rent, groceries, and other essentials.

At our estimates - this win will put nearly a million dollars back into the pockets of students.

We would like to say a big thank you to La Trobe University. We approached them with our proposal and they acted decisively to put student interests first and work with the LTSU to get this done.

This is the power of a student union - run for students, by students.

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