LTSU Stands Against Government Fee Hikes

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Helen Mayers


The Morrison Government has announced changes to University fees for various degrees with humanities, law, communications and commerce being hit the hardest. Whilst there are reductions for a number of STEM based degrees, it should not come at the cost of the humanities. Those studying the humanities will face a staggering 113% increase. Law and commerce degrees will also face a 28% increase.

Further to this, Government funding will drop by 10% whilst student contributions will rise from 42% to 52%.

The LTSU does not support the Federal Government making fee changes to push students into industries they believe will have the most job growth.

The LTSU will work with the National Union of Students and fellow student unions to fight these radical changes to degree fees.

If you’d like to get involved you can sign the petition HERE or get in contact at

Annabelle Romano
LTSU President

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