Student Forum - united Student Association

We have been continuing to work in forming a united Student Association at La Trobe.

Because of Student Theatre Campaign

Members of STF have created a campaign to ensure the future of student theatre on campus.

Patch AGM

The Patch

Virtual AGM on Tuesday the 25th of August.

Joint Presidents' Statement – Elections

Student elections are integral to the successful formation of our new organisation. Further to the Presidents’ statement released on 28th January 2020, we would like to provide an update on elections.

LTSU Stands Against Government Fee Hikes

The Morrison Government has announced changes to University fees for various degrees with humanities, law, communications and commerce being hit the hardest. Whilst there are reductions for a number of STEM based degrees, it should not come at the cost of the humanities.

COVID-19 Online Transition Survey

Student Responses to the Online Learning Transition.

La Trobe Student Union update regarding 2020 funding

The LTSU has students best interest at heart, so we would like to update you on what’s happening at the organization from a business perspective.

LTSU Response to investigation by 60 Minutes and The Age.

La Trobe Student Union would like to address any concerns over the recent investigation by 60 Minutes and The Age into allegations against misconduct in the Victorian Labor Party.

La Trobe Student Union Operational Update

La Trobe Student Union continues to strive for the betterment of the student experience at La Trobe University. As is the case with many organisations, LTSU has had to adapt and tailor its services as a result of the impact of COVID-19 and University funding changes. Read more..

Save Our students

#SaveOurStudents Campaign

LTSU Update regarding Coronavirus Disease (COVID-19)

Update regarding Coronavirus Disease (COVID-19)

Events Cancelled

Choir (LaTUCS)

Rehearsals and the concert for semester 1 2020 are cancelled until further notice due to COVID19

Updated Club Forms

LaTrobe Kyudo Club

New forms to further assist with privacy, consent with Social Media and Medical - includes Allergies and medical conditions


LaTrobe Kyudo Club

Regarding Training and the Coronavirus

Statement LTSU President Re: COVID-19

Statement from LTSU President Re: COVID-19

United to Make Student Life Better

An announcement from the Presidents of the Bendigo Student Association, La Trobe Student Union and Wodonga Student Association.

AGM 2020 20-02-2020

La Trobe Hindu Society

We will be electing our working committee for 2020 on 20th Feb 2020

LTU Kyudo AGM Update!

LaTrobe Kyudo Club

LTU Kyudo AGM Update!


LaTrobe Kyudo Club

We're Back on CAMPUS!

Merry Festivities and the Changing of the Guard

LaTrobe Kyudo Club

Preparations for 2020 AGM and New Executive Committee Elections

Ganapati Celebration

La Trobe Hindu Society

Ganapati Celebration Event Link: Event pHotos: