Statement LTSU President Re: COVID-19

Statement from LTSU President Re: COVID-19

United to Make Student Life Better

An announcement from the Presidents of the Bendigo Student Association, La Trobe Student Union and Wodonga Student Association.

AGM 2020 20-02-2020

La Trobe Hindu Society

We will be electing our working committee for 2020 on 20th Feb 2020

LTU Kyudo AGM Update!

LaTrobe Kyudo Club

LTU Kyudo AGM Update!


LaTrobe Kyudo Club

We're Back on CAMPUS!

Merry Festivities and the Changing of the Guard

LaTrobe Kyudo Club

Preparations for 2020 AGM and New Executive Committee Elections

Ganapati Celebration

La Trobe Hindu Society

Ganapati Celebration Event Link: Event pHotos:

Onam 2k19

La Trobe Hindu Society

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2019 Committee

La Trobe Hindu Society

This is our new committee for the Year 2019

LTU Kyudo Fundraising

LaTrobe Kyudo Club

Fundraising Sausage Sizzle at Bunnings Thomastown

Join our Facebook Group!

Girl Code

Join Our Facebook Group today to stay in the loop and keep up to date with whats on! Simply search Girl Code in Facebook to join!

Important Unsatisfactory Progress Information

Important Information for students who failed subjects in Semester 1, 2018 from the LTSU Advocacy Service

LaTrobe Kyudo is OPEN for TRAINING again!

LaTrobe Kyudo Club

Breaks are over, and training resumes once more!

Cinema Club AGM2018

Cinema Club

Inaugural Annual General Meeting

2018 SOS Representatives

Student Orthoptics Society SOS

Announcing 2018 SOS representatives


Student Orthoptics Society SOS

Help to end blindness this JulEYE!

Training Location!

LaTrobe Kyudo Club

We have a tentative Training location!

What is Orthoptics?

Student Orthoptics Society SOS

Check out our awesome poster & video to find out!

Our new committee for 2017

La Trobe Hindu Society

We had our AGM on 17th February at 5pm and a new committee for 2017 was elected. The AGM was chaired by the founder president Eshan Arya who has handed the club into the hands of the following: Aishwarya Kulkarni- President Chaitanya Talloju- VP Sushrut Deshpande- Treasurer Sainath Kasha- Secretary Phanisha Arabatti - Council Delegate