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Understand your housing rights!

How LTSU is helping students understand their HOUSING RIGHTS


As the year winds up the Student Union have kept the momentum of a year of wins, securing some dedicated funding from the university for our housing rights campaign. We know that housing is a major stressor for our students and this campaign will help to communicate students’ rights when renting and where to get support. The policies and processes around housing are complicated and can be confusing and frustrating for students. Through our campaign, we will make a lasting impact on students by increasing awareness of their rights when renting.


This funding is dedicated to a campaign focusing on Bundoora students with a number of core outcomes. Through this campaign we will create print, online and video resources that explain student housing rights and highlight the important differences between living on campus or in a private rental. To build the capacity of LTSU staff, we will also develop a number of tools to support the Advocacy Team to better fight for your rights to fair housing.


Our Advocate - Housing Rights, Ross Dennis has come on board until the end of 2022 to provide research, advocacy, advice and content creation for the campaign. He is a previous La Trobe Bundoora student so knows well the struggles faced by students in regards to housing and accommodation. Ross has a background in distilling complex government policy for specific audiences and has been working closely with the LTSU Student Council on this campaign. Be sure to keep up to date by joining LTSU and following us on social media to see the release of campaign and resource materials.


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If you are having housing issues or would like support from the Advocacy Service:

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